Why Give?

We Need Your Support!

Much has been done to establish The Canadian Canoe Museum, but we need your support to continue on into the next phase of development.  Join us and help to:

  • continue to develop state-of-the-art exhibits
  • develop curriculum-linked education programs and hands-on adult workshops
  • bolster our tourism and marketing initiatives

By contributing to the Museum, you will be contributing to real benefits such as:

  • strong economic development for the region
  • an anchor tourism attraction primed for the expanding cultural tourism industry
  • a heritage institution that is unique in Canada, and nationally significant
  • a tremendous educational resource for students of all ages
Inside The Museum

Why Help the Museum?

The Canadian Canoe Museum benefits Canadians both regionally and nationally.  It has the potential to draw thousands of tourists to Central Ontario every year, becoming a major catalyst for development of accommodation, restaurants, complementary attractions and related services. 

Business-like Approach

The Canadian Canoe Museum is unique in its progressive approach to sustainability.  It is a new breed of museum that operates outside of government funding.  It is a registered charity with a focused business plan and a variety of revenue streams (activity fees, gift shop sales, admission fees, memberships, local and national fundraising campaigns).  The museum relies heavily on volunteers and places a high priority on forging mutually-beneficial alliances with First Nations, federal, provincial and municipal governments, other heritage institutions, colleges and universities, foundations and corporations.

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